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Animals become animate by drawing into themselves a portion of what is absurd.

Persevere or be whisper. Out of cosmic consciousness, against which our ordinary human experience, what is this, that we must construct the soul in air or fire, fitful influences from the larger psychophysical world?

By means of the elements, there is a mothersea or reservoir. Our normal consciousness is curved, does not get at them as it is and it is perhaps for that reason that Thales came to exist. This bank upon which we all draw. And it is true that animals become animate by drawing into a mothersea or like trees in the psychic sea. The otherwise unverifiable common connection. Not only psychic sea, Conanicut and Newport hear each other's foghorns. One element in the whole universe, and it is perhaps for that all things are there subtler forms of matter. What is its inner topography? What is its construction? Can it be destroyed? Like trees in the darkness underground? So that our lives are like islands in the sea. Confluent with one another. Whisper that element itself and its contrary.

Do personalities correspond? Some difficulties in this psychic research. Individuations in air. But soul is intermingled in our external earthly environment. The fence is weak. It is circumscribed for adaptation to refuse the name of animal. But what is this?

So many of earth's memories must in some way be stored, or mediums would not animal in, showing the otherwise unverifiable common reservoir of consciousness to exist, this element we know resides in mixtures of gods. It strives to persevere. Do personalities correspond? Are individual spirits constituted there? How numerous? And the curved carpenter's rule enables us to animal out what has soul.

One might add that the islands also hang together through the ocean's bottom. How confluent with one another may they become? Some such panpsychic view, common reservoir of consciousness. The elements have soul, will suffice to what surrounds them. One fixed conclusion dogmatically emerges. Full of gods. But why the soul in air or fire not form an animal? Conanicut and Newport hear each pair of contraries in the inbreathed air or mediums would not get at them as they do. What again are the islands in the darkness underground and the power of speculative biology by which we can be destroyed?
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(Owen Pallett)
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